Are you tired of the window cleaning service you currently use rushing through the job, leaving streaks and overcharging for a job not up to your standards? Perhaps it is time for a change. There is a large number of window cleaning services available around the Bakersfield, Ca area. So you might be asking yourself just what makes me better than the rest.

At Purewater Solar Cleaning & Windows, I am committed to delivering excellent, quality results each and every time I step foot onto your property. I set my standards well above your expectations the very first time I clean your windows and follow that up with the goal to exceed that expectation with every visit. In other words, my goal is to raise the bar a little higher with each cleaning. I’m not simply satisfied to have you as a customer; I understand you are the one who demands satisfaction.

Window Cleaning Explained

Window Cleaning (regular) involves only 2 steps – Agitation, and Removal. Traditionally, we agitate with an Applicator – this ‘stirs’ (dissolves) the dirt (solids) into solution. Then we remove the dirty water with a squeegee, working from the top edge down. The detergent has little to do with the cleaning process (other than greasy fingerprints) .. it is really in the water as a surfactant to enable the squeegee rubber to glide over the glass. Cleaning with Pure Water is exactly the same but with different tools. The brush bristles do the job of the applicator and ‘stir’ the dirt into solution, while the jets of the brush do the job of the squeegee, starting at the top, working the dirty water off the glass. Done properly, all the dirty water is ‘chased’ off the glass, leaving only spot-free water to dry. As with the squeegee, if you miss any of the dirty water, it will dry leaving the dissolved solids on the glass.

Window Cleaning Services

  • Residential Window Cleaning
    • Interior and Exterior
    • Track Cleaning
    • Screen Cleaning
    • Mirrors
  • Commercial Window Cleaning
    • Interior and Exterior
  • New Construction Window Cleaning