Getting  solar panels is a hard decision to make. Do you purchase, lease or just rent out the space on your roof and buy the power from the solar company? Although solar panels save a considerable amount of both money and energy, they also require a small amount of care and maintenance. Even if the install company tells you they are maintenance free. It is crucial that your solar panels are  cleaned on a regular bases to make sure your system is working as efficiently as possible, especially in Bakersfield, Kern County or the San Joaquin Valley.


          It has been proven that the electrical output of solar panels can decline by as much as 30% if a proper solar panel cleaning is not done. Proper solar panel cleaning consists of removing any type of dirt, pollution, leaves, animal droppings, and various other debris from the panel surface. 


         The air in our valley is full of dirt and pollution. The first place people notice it is on your solar panels. It collects and turns the panels for black to brown. 


           My cleaning solution is “WATER”, purified water. No Soaps, no chemicals, just mineral free and residue free pure water. Pure water is what is recommended by the manufactures to clean your panels. I have done the research and have invested in a Reverse Osmosis and a water Deionization system, that provides an unsurpassed clean for your solar panels. There is no better way to keep your electricity production up and extent the life of your panel system. I take pride in my ability to clean any solar installation, whether it’s a rooftop system, a canopy system, a ground mounted or some other specialty system. I will do my best to help you with your solar cleaning needs.



        I have also added exterior window cleaning service’s which has the added benefit of a streak free finish from the purified water system. Screen cleaning and window track cleaning also available. Interior window cleaning coming soon.


“22 Let us draw near with a true heart in  assurance of faith, our hearts being pure from an evil conscience, 23 And washed in our bodies washed with pure water let us keep the profession of our hope, without wavering (for he is faithful that promised.)”

– Hebrews 10: 22-23 (GNV)